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World Bank’s 2023 Logistics Performance Index available

The World Bank has issued the 2023 edition of the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), an interactive benchmarking tool created to help countries to identify the challenges and opportunities they face in trade logistics and what they can do to improve the performance of such a sector. The LPI indicators are built on the basis of a specific methodology which includes specific surveys conducted on international logistics operators (global freight forwarders and express carriers), complemented by other information and data provided by other academic and professional sources.

In the LPI, each indicator rates countries in a scale from 1 (lower performance) to 5 (higher performance), in six main areas: 1) efficiency of Customs and clearing procedures at the border, 2) quality of infrastructure, 3) easiness of arranging international shipments at competitive costs, 4) competence and quality of the logistics industry, 5) ability of logistics companies to tracking & trace shipments, 6) timeliness.

The latter indicator is particularly important, as it gives a measure of the frequency with which shipments reach consignees within scheduled or expected delivery times. A low rating in the timeliness indicator for a certain country shows that delays in delivery of cargo are frequent, which in turn,  implies that transporters pay high detention costs for containers (as their return to the terminal after the delivery of cargo to destination can go well beyond the free period granted from shipping companies from where they rent containers), with higher rates of post-harvest losses, due to the sensitivity to time of perishable products.

The International LPI 2023 allows for comparisons across 139 countries. For what concern Africa, notable is the absence of Cote d’Ivoire from the list of jurisdictions analysed.

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