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EU releases report on Implementation and Enforcement of EU Trade Agreements

The EU Report on Implementation and Enforcement of EU Trade Agreements replaces and consolidates into a single document two former reports that the EU used to prepare yearly: 1) the report on the implementation of EU trade agreements and 2) the Trade and Investment Barriers Report (TIBR). The latter is the document that the EU used to publish every year to analyse the barriers faced by EU businesses in third country markets and define a strategy to remove them.


The link between ecological degradation, conflicts and cross-border trade

The second edition of the Ecological Threat Report (ETR) published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) assesses threats relating to food risk, water risk, rapid population growth, temperature anomalies and natural disasters in 178 independent states and territories of the world.


Time for a Made in Africa brand?

The development of a system of voluntary certification and of a “Made in Africa” collective trademark is a solution that can allow African manufacturers to guarantee the reliability of their companies and products, helping such goods to more easily enter foreign markets, where they must match strict quality and safety requirements to which customers abroad are becoming more and more sensitive....


From UNCTAD an analysis of SEZ performances in Africa

Special economic zones (SEZ) are proliferating globally and becoming an increasingly important economic development tool across the world because of their capability of attracting foreign direct investment and stimulate economic activity, due to the fact that they offer  to firms that settle therein a combination of fiscal incentives, duty reductions and administrative facilitation (e.g. one-stop shops for business registration or dealing with visas and other activities). The UNCTAD report on African Special Economic Zones gives an overview of the main practices and lessons learned in Africa from the establishment of SEZs.


A Conference on how empower Africans to participate to post COVID-19 Intra-African and Global Trade

The Africa Trade Conference is an annual conference dedicated to African trade. The 2021 edition will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 11 to 12 November, 2021 and will be accessible also online, through a dedicated web platform. The conference will host trade experts from various African countries, as well as members of the African Diaspora, of the Global Business community and Global Trade experts, to explore possible ways of advancing knowledge and information about Trade in Africa and with Africa and advance the African Economic Development agenda.


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