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Vehicle insurance schemes used in Africa and their possible convergence

On our blog, thoughts about regional vehicle insurance schemes used in Africa and the possibility to promote their convergence into a continental one to be included into the AfCFTA negotiations in order to reduce transport costs at inter-REC level.

AfCFTA: focus on tariff or non-tariff barriers?

Read our post on the Desiderio Consultants' blog that explores the gains of removing tariffs among African countries vs. the elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).

From Ethiopia a national transport policy to promote untapped investment opportunities in the sector

The Ethiopian Ministry of Transport has published its national transport policy, a strategic plan to address for the next decade the increasing demand for transportation infrastructure and services in the country. The document, which was announced during the March 2021 Ethiopian Transport Investment Summit (read our post), provides a general overview of transport services and transport infrastructure and will serve as a basis to formulate more detailed transport sub-sector policies.


Is the AfCFTA a path to industrialization or industrialization should come first?

A common topic among academics is that Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) spur industrialization because of the increasing trade flows that are generated in the preferential trade areas as a consequence of tariff liberalization. But if we look at what happened in other Regional contexts, this is not exactly the path that others followed. Read the post on our blog.

The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI)

Infrastructure in Africa is critical for fostering economic growth and regional integration. The United Nations (UN) Resolution A/RES/70/1 approving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN plan of action to eradicate poverty and promote prosperity in all the dimensions of human development, points out how safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems are crucial for ensuring mobility and a catalyst for integration between local communities, cities, regions and countries.


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