AEO: the Italian customs administration clarifies what codes must be specified in the demand for the access to the status


With Notice Prot. 66938 of 12 May 2009, the Italian Customs Agency specifies that due to the modifications applied by the European Commission to the AEO Community System, the economic operators presenting a demand for the granting of an AEO Certificate (see the Annex 1 to Reg. 1875/2006), must indicate in the box n. 12 ("Economic sector of Activity") the code of the activity corresponding to the economic activity carried out by them. Such codes are listed in an Annex to the Notice.

Where the applicant carries out more than an activity falling within the above codes, he can indicate in the demand more codes.

Starting from 12 May 2009, therefore, the customs Agency will reject demands of request of the AEO certificate without the indication of the above codes.