Container security and protection of the Supply Chain From Covert Attacks


Cargo containers are an attractive target for criminal organisations because of the value of the goods they carry, and due to the fact that they can be used as a trojan horse, i.e. as a vehicle for introducing weapons or explosives in a country. Electronic cargo seals (e-seals) using Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology are the most effective devices for securing containers, but they are also expensive, and this is why most of traders today still prefer to adopt more traditional solutions like the bolt seal and single-loop cable seal.

A white paper from Sealock Security Systems, an US company specialised in creating industry-best tamper-evident container security technology, describes the most common methods used by criminals for tampering conventional cargo seals, and how such risks can be reduced through the adoption of not costly dual-function, hybrid devices, which seal and lock the container doors together at the same time.