From the WTO a single access point on trade statistics and trade-related measures


The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has launched a new data portal to provide users with a single access point to a wide series of databases offering trade statistics and information on all WTO members’ trade-related measures, including non-tariff barriers and intellectual property.

The new portal offers a consolidated access to a wide range of WTO databases and online systems (also those developed in collaboration with other international organisations), including the trade facilitation database and the WTO Stats portal, that provides time series statistics on trade in goods and services on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis.

Apart from the Tariff Analysis Online facility (that provides access to applied tariff and import data) and the Dispute Settlement Database (providing information on all the disputes that have taken place under the Dispute Settlement Understanding since the WTO was established), all the WTO databases accessible from the WTO data portal can be used without the need for registration.