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Jordan Customs exploits blockchain for information exchanges between supply chain actors

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Jordan Customs announced that a global trade digital platform exploiting the blockchain technology will soon be piloted for handling information exchanges between the different actors in the supply chain.

The electronic platform, called “TradeLens”, has been jointly developed by Maersk and IBM and aims at simplifying shipping operations and goods discharge procedures in seaports, in view to improve cargo clearance.

Research shows that multiple and sequential handling of customs and trade-related information between the supply chain actors often yields data inconsistencies. An example is offered by the container shipping operations. After the container is stuffed at the exporter's premises, the relevant documentation and other instructions are sent by the latter to customs brokers, forwarders or shippers, that in turn send it to the ocean carrier. Alternatively, the information contained in the documents is used for instructing these intermediaries. The handling of such information and documents by many actors often gives rise to inconsistencies/inaccuracies. Moreover, the importer does not see the contents of the container until the container reaches its destination and is unstaffed. Accordingly, he can verify that the goods he purchased correspond to those he ordered only once the container arrives at destination.

TradeLens allows the original data provided by the first links in the chain (ex. the organisation which staffed the container) at disposal of all the subsequent links, included Customs, so that uncertainties and inconsistencies related to multiple manipulation of data can be reduced.




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