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Kosti-Renk river corridor finally to resume after more than a decade

In August 2021, the Sudanese River Navigation Authority announced the imminent resumption of transport with South Sudan along the Kosti-Renk river corridor, on the White Nile, following a visit of the former Sudan's Prime Minister to Juba. The river barges transportation between the two countries was halted during the Heglig crisis in 2012, and since then has been used occasionally only for humanitarian food deliveries.


Ethiopia’s traffic via Djibouti ports further drops

In December 2021 the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Transport announced that the volume of Ethiopia trade handled by the Djibouti ports is embarking on a decreasing trajectory since the second half of 2021, dropping to 83.9 percent. As a landlocked country, Ethiopia relies on its neighbours for chanelling its trade. Being an import-dependent country, its imports are more than 4 times bigger than its exports.


EU-commissioned study identifies 11 Strategic Corridors in Africa where to converge investments

Within its 2021-2027 programming exercise, the EU Commission (International Partnerships General Directorate) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, have initiated a project on "Strategic Corridors and Urban Systems in Africa" (CUSA). The purpose of the project is to identify a series of Strategic Corridors in Africa where EU investments can converge in view of supporting connectivity within Africa and between the EU and Africa. A recently published report shows which ones these corridors are, while the second phase of the study (CUSA-2) will focus on their detailed analysis both in terms of spatial and thematic aspects.


Price control in Burundi, learning from the Kenya’s experience

Burundi continues to face the challenge of creating a free economy and taking advantage of the economic benefits currently enjoyed by other East African Community (EAC) partner States like Kenya. The country, which is perceived as the poorest country in the East African region, is affected by government policies that restrict trade through price controls and strict protection of local productions. An article published on Burundi Eco (in French) argues that Burundi should learn from Kenya's experience.


AfCFTA's success depends on the introduction of efficiencies and improvements in customs processes

A report launched by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Deloitte at the Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos, argues that non-tariff barriers need to be reduced and border and customs services to be improved in Africa through a digital transformation of Customs and border posts. The modernization of customs procedures, observes the report, is among the reforms that are much needed in the Continent and that are expected to deliver the higher benefits in terms of reduction of trade costs across Africa, followed by the upgrading of transport infrastructure and other border agency reforms.


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