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EC Regulation n° 1192/2008 and new comments of the Italian customs administration

With notice N. 45/D of 30 December 2008, the Italian Customs Agency provides further indications on the main innovations introduced by the recently approved Commission Regulation (EC) n° 1192/2008 of 17 November 2008, amending Regulation (EEC) n° 2454/1993 (Implementing Provisions to the Community Customs Code - "DAC"). The Notice N. 45/D highlights in particular 4 essential aspects of the new discipline: (continues... in Italian)


Customs brokers: a power of attorney guide

Studio Desiderio has realized, in collaboration with the Italian Council of Customs Brokers (CNSD), a guide to the power of attorney for customs brokers and forwarding agents. The guide includes a complete reference to laws regulating this contract and a set of directives explaining the correct way in which such document should be drafted, with several forms annexed thereto. The power of attorney guide is available (only in Italian) on the Italian Council of Customs Brokers web site at the following address:

Rimborsi siderurgici all’esportazione, riesumata la legge 639/64

La Legge 639 del 5 luglio 1964, "Restituzione dei diritti doganali e delle imposizioni indirette interne diverse dall'imposta generale sull'entrata per taluni prodotti industriali esportati", comunemente conosciuta come "Rimborso dazio" o "Rimborso Siderurgico" era stata recentemente abrogata dal D.L. 112 del 25 giugno 2008, convertito in legge n. 133 del 06/08/2008, con decorrenza 22 dicembre 2008 (Vedasi il punto n. 2032 dell’Allegato A).


EC Regulation n° 1192/2008 - first indications by the Italian Customs Agency

Such clarifications are provided with the Notice n. 55060 of 16 December 2008 and refer exclusively to the innovations introduced by the new Regulation - amending from 1° January 2008 the Regulation (EEC) N° 2454/93, i.e. the Implementing Provisions of the Community Customs Code - with regard to the transit procedure and the electronic processing of TIR operations (continues ... in Italian)


ICS, transitional period approved

La Commissione Europea ha stabilito un periodo di transizione e di attesa per l’entrata a regime del nuovo sistema di tracciamento delle operazioni di importazioni in ambito comunitario ICS (Import Control System).


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