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Tanzania launches Trade Information Portal

The Government of Tanzania has launched the Tanzania Trade Information Portal, a one-stop platform gathering all information relating to import, export and transit through the country. The portal will be inaugurated today at a ceremony in Dar es Salaam organised by TanTRADE, the Tanzania Trade Development Authority, that also manages the portal.


Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise starts using the Berbera Port

For the first time in 20 years, a general cargo ship sailing under the flag of Ethiopia and transporting a cargo of over 11,000 tons of sugar and rice docked at the Port of Berbera, in Somaliland. Representatives from the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE), a public company that the Ethiopian government has recently announced to partly privatize and who owns 9 ships in total, including the one concerned, attended the ceremony of arrival of the vessel, announcing the commencement of regular scheduled liner service to this port, with another Ethiopian ship expected to arrive at Berbera next week.


More than one quarter of African firms sees environmental regulations as an obstacle to their operations

Twenty-eight (28) percent of African countries interviewed within the recently published International Trade Centre (ITC) Small and Medium (SME) Competitiveness Survey sees environmental regulations adopted by national governments as an obstacle to their operations. Micro-sized firms, in general are more impacted than larger firms, and are also the ones that act less for reducing environmental risks.


Size and constraints of trade finance in Africa

The term “trade finance” is commonly used to indicate a wide variety of instruments that are offered by banks and other financial institutions for facilitating trade operations, including purchase order finance; stock finance; structured commodity finance; invoice finance (e.g. discounting and factoring); supply chain finance; letters of credit (LCs), bonds, guarantees and other similar financial products.


South Africa reorganises ports structure in an attempt to improve its efficiency

South Africa has started a process of reorganisation of its port, railway and pipeline infrastructure by establishing a National Ports Authority.


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