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Port Community systems, one-stop-shops and single windows

"Port community systems", "single windows" and "customs one-stop-shops" are all important tools for the facilitation of trade which have been experimented and successfully implemented in a number of Countries worldwide, with the explicit purpose of reducing both the time and the high cost associated with international trade operations. But there is still a lot of confusion on the use of this terms. Read more

Royalties e valore in dogana

Considerate le numerose richieste pervenuteci sull'argomento, pubblichiamo una guida liberamente consultabile (tratta dall'ultimo numero del Doganalista, rivista giuridico-economica di commercio internazionale a cura del Consiglio Nazionale degli Spedizionieri Doganali), che illustra i meccanismi di inclusione delle royalties nel valore in dogana, in particolare nelle ipotesi di importazione in Italia di beni prodotti all'estero su licenza di un terzo.

International Customs day 2012

On 26 January 2012, at the WCO's headquarters, the 60th Anniversary of the International Customs Day has been held. Every year, on occasion of such celebration, a particular topic is selected, that will be successively developed and deepeened within a serie of events that will be organised during this year. The 2012 has be designated as the year of connectivity, with the slogan: “Borders divide, Customs connect” (last year was dedicated on the sharing of knowledge as a means to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Customs). Read more


New Zealand launches its single window project

Is nicknamed "Trade Single Window" (TSW) the single window system for the fulfilment of the international trade formalities developed by the New Zealand's Customs administration to symplify and reduce operating costs for their businesses. The TSW will be fully operational in the beginning of 2013 (read more).


Integration of the scanner control in the customs risk analysis systems

Nearly all the customs administrations, together with the traditional inspection techniques of goods (phisycal inspection, documentary controls), foresee a third type of controls based on the use of scanner devices. Their objective of such tools is to make more efficient the inspection process, accelerating the release of goods, due to the fact that through this metodology more invasive exams of goods can be avoided, replaced by a "photography" of the container's content. The WCO has developed, since 2009, Guidelines for the purchase and deployment of scanner devices, suggesting, among other things, the integration of the scanner techniques within the risk analysis systems used by the members of the Organization.


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