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Desiderio Consultants Ltd. is a think tank and a network of independent professional international development consultants established to promote and influence customs & trade-related policies in African nations to achieve trade facilitation reforms aimed at improving international and regional trade
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The liberalization of road transport in the Eastern and Southern (ESA) region

As an integral part of the Tripartite Free Trade Area, a trade facilitation programme named “Trade and Transport Facilitation Programme” (TTTFP) was officially launched on 26th October 2017, to promote the development of a more competitive, integrated and liberalised regional road transport market in 25 continental member states of COMESA, EAC and SADC (only Madagascar and the Comoros are not included in the TTTFP programme because they are insular States whose road transport operators operate exclusively within their territories and do not perform cross-border transport operations in the other Tripartite member States territories).


Jordan Customs exploits blockchain for information exchanges between supply chain actors

Jordan Customs announced that a global trade digital platform exploiting the blockchain technology will soon be piloted for handling information exchanges between the different actors in the supply chain.


Merry Christmas

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International development consultancy in Kenya

Interview to Danilo Desiderio, CEO of Desiderio Consultants Ltd. (in Italian) published on Irpinitaly, vol 1, December 2019, a magazine dedicated to the exploration of the territory, the environment, the culture and society of the Irpinia province (a district of the Apennine Mountains around Avellino, a town in Campania, South Italy, about 50 km east of Naples), with stories from its habitants living in Italy and abroad.


ICT technologies to balance customs control functions with trade facilitation

Information and communication technologies (ICT technologies) enable Customs to increase the quality of their control activities while, at the same time, enhancing their level of trade facilitation.


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