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Sharing knowledge for reinforcing the customs-busness partnership

Last 27 and 28 June, in Brussels, at the World Customs Organisation's headquarters, the "Open day for trade" was celebrated. Such initiative has been entirely dedicated to the role and the importance of the cooperative relationships between the public sector (and Customs administrations in particular) and private operators in the efficient management of borders, the contrast to the terroristics/criminal threats and the development of measures of trade facilitation based on the dialogue and the exchange of data and information between the different entities involved in the operations of international trade (e.g. single window). The proceedings of the event are available here.


New operational space for customs brokers and their assistants

The Italian Customs Agency illustrates with the Circular 19/D of 24 June 2011 the provisions of the legislative decree N. 59/2010, amending the Unified Text of Customs laws (TULD), concerning new modes of execution of both the profesison of customs broker (so-called “doganalista”) and their assistants (a particular figure of collaborator, similar to the practictioner, carring out its activity as an employee of a customs broker).


New Comitology rules and their impact on the Community customs legislation

For the adoption of certain categories of executive acts, the European Commission benefits from the technical support of sppecial experts' commitees made up by representatives of the 27 member States of the EU. The relevant consultation procedure, named “comitology”, has deeply changed as of 1th March 2011, with the entry into force of the EU Regulation n. 182/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 February 2011, laying down the rules and general principles concerning mechanisms for control by Member States of the Commission’s exercise of implementing powers. These provisions will impact also on the Modernized Community Customs Code (EC Reg. N° 450/2008), as well as on the procedures of adoption of the relevant implementing provisions, currently in course of development on behalf of the EU Commission. Here is the article illustrating the new rules, written togheter with Mauro Giffoni and published on the N° 3/2011 of the technical Journal “Il Doganalista”.

Updated version of the "CITES Manual" issued

The main instrument used in Italy to coordinate the different bodies that, togheter with the Customs administration, participate to the function of control of the different kinds of imported or exported goods, is represented by specific Manuals and protocols of procedure adopted within Conferences of Services made up by all the interested administrations. Among these manuals and protocols there are the “Manual of procedure for the controls concerning the safety of products” (regulating the control procedures for those goods that are subject to safety controls) and the “CITES Manual". The CITES Manual has been adopted by the Italian Customs for the first time - jointly with the Ministry of Environment and protection of Land, the State Forestal Police and the Ministry for the Economic Development - within the Conference of Services of 7 May 2002. Updated recently within the Conference of Services of 10 May 2011 (extended also to the participation of the Ministry of Health), the CITES Manual containes the instructions addressed to the different offices and bodies of control concerning the procedures to follow to monitor the import, export, re-export, transit and transhipment of the specimen of endangered species of wild fauna and flora covered by the Washington Convention (CITES Convention), included their parts and derived products.

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New edition of the AEO compendium of the WCO

To promote the implementation - especially in the less developed countries - of the AEO program, The World Customs Organisation (WCO) has published on 31 August 2009 a document of analysis that put in comparison the various initiatives of strenghtening of the security of the supply chains developed by some of its members. The purpose of this compendium is to offer, in particular to those countries that have not yet adopted such initiatives, guidelines to guide their development. The AEO Compendium is updated periodically by the WCO Secretariat and illustrates both the AEO programs already implemented or in course of implementation by some countries of different areas of the world, and other similar customs compliance initiatives. The new version of ther AEO compendium is available here.


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