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E-customs: new procedures starting from 1st July 2009

With Notice of 27 May 2009, last updated on 29 May, the Italian customs explain the new procedures related to the implementation of the ECS and NCTS systems that will enter into force on 1th July 2009. From that date the second phase of the E.C.S. (Export Control System) and the fourth phase of the N.C.T.S. (New Computerized Transit System) will be launched.


"Dual use" discipline consolidated into a new EC Regulation

The Council Regulation (EC) n. 1334/2000 of 22 June 2000, establishing a Community regime for the control of exports of dual-use items and technology, since its adoption,.has been significantly amended on several occasions. For reasons of clarity, the Community institutions have now deemed opportune to recast it into a new text: the Council Regulation (EC) N. 428/2009 of 5 may 2009, setting up a Community regime for the control of exports, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use items. EC Regulation n. 1334/2000 is therefore repealed with effect 27 August 2009.

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SAD, EAD and TAD: new forms complemented with the "security" data now available

The Commission Regulation (EC) N. 414/2009 of 30 April 2009 introduces new amendments to the Commission Regulation (EEC) n. 2454/93 (implementing provisions to the community customs code, hereinafter “IP-CCC”). According to the new Regulation, starting from July 1th, 2009, the Export Administrative Document (EAD) and the Transit Administrative Document (TAD) shall be lodged to customs on a new form incorporating the “security data” listed in the Annex 30A IP-CCC. The same obligation is foreseen with regards to the SAD, in particular for the presentation of the "paper-based" export declarations.

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USA: prior notice mandatory for food imports

As of December 12, 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced, through an interim rule, a “Prior Notice” obligation for each shipment of food for humans and other animals use, imported into the U.S. (except in some limited cases). This document consist of a form to be filed electronically to the FDA, that contanins data concerning, among the other things, the name and the address of the shipper, the manufacturer, the importer, the carrier and the person submitting the prior notice, with the identification of each item of which the shipment is made (FDA product code), the quantity, the manufacturing Country, etc.

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CITES Regulation: amendments to the Regulation (EC) n. 338/97

The Council Regulation (EC) N. 338/97 of 9 December 1996 is the numerously amended Community law through which the rules of the Washington Convention of 1975 on the International Trade in endangered Species of wild fauna and flora, better known as "CITES" , have been transposed - starting from 1th January 1984 - within the Community legal system (see our article). It lists the animal and vegetable species whose commerce is subject in the EU to particular restrictions or controls. Such specimen are indicated in a special Annex to the aforementioned Regulation. Starting from 22 May 2009, said Annex is replaced by the relevant Annex to the Commission Regulation (EC) N. 407/2009 of 14 May 2009.


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