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EORI guidelines, new version ready

The TAXUD (Taxation and Customs Union) General Directorate of the European Commission has published an updated version of the EORI Guidelines. The EORI system, introduced by the EC Regulation N° 312 of 16 April 2009 (read our article), has been developed for the recensement of the operators acting within the customs territory of the European Union and performing international trade operations, with the purpose of tracking electronically their customs operations. Instructions for obtaining such a code, as well as the modalities for its indication in the customs declarations, are contained in the Notice N. 82556 of the Customs Agency of 17 June 2009*. The European Commission website offers the possibility to control the validity of an EORI number, verifying also to which operator this is associated.


* Updated with the Notice prot. 90673 of 8 October 2010.

Australian Customs under the vigilance of the Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

The Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) is an independant authority established on 2006 by the Australian government (with the “Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act”), to control corruption practicescommitted by the officials of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), a body which deals with the fight to the organized crime in such a Country.

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ACTA Agreement negotiations close to an end

Multilateral negotiations for the adoption of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement  (“ACTA”), which are pending from 3 years, are seemingly arrived to a tipping point. 

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Russian Customs opens a branch in Italy

On 2 October 2010, the Italian branch of FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) inaugurated a new office within the inland terminal "Marche" of Jesi. An agreement concluded among the two entities aims to simplify and accelerate the entry of Italian goods in the territory of the Russian Federation. Some Russian experts, seconded at the Italian Branch of FGUP, will assist the Italian companies, directly in the terminal, in the arrangement of all the certificates and customs documents needed for the import of the Italian goods in the territory of the Russian Federation, so eliminating from the outset every possible error in the preparation of such documents by our operators. In fact, the complexity of such documentation is well-known to those who export in such a Country.

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WCO: "SAFE package" released

The SAFE (an acronym for “Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade”) was approved by the World Customs Organization (WCO) on June 2005 to promote the development of an international standard for the security of the supply chain, offering at the same time to those operators implementing effective measures of security within their supply chains, the opportunity to benefit from a series of trade facilitations (e.g. more rapidity in the release of goods and an access to more swift customs procedures, being them reliable and potentially low-risk operators). On 2007 this document has been complemented with a new section on the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), which furtherly detailed the conditions for the access to the program, as well as the requirements for both Customs and operators that desire to be part of it.


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