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First Ethiopian Transport Investment Summit

Ethiopia has opened on 24 March the first Ethiopian Transport Investment Summit. The country explains its recent strategy for the partial liberalisation of the transport and logistics sector, its opening up to foreign investments, and launches a 10-years prospective plan for the transformation of the transport system in Ethiopia, a strategic plan to make the Ethiopian logistics system more efficient and aimed at integrating the different modes of transport in the country.


Colonial legacy of transport systems in Africa and low intra-regional trade

Colonial legacy of transport systems in Africa and low intra-regional trade, new article on our blog.

From UNCTAD a map of National Trade Facilitation Committees in the world:

On its new e-learning platform for National Trade Facilitation Committees (NTFCs), UNCTAD has developed a database with a map of all the NTFCs that have been established by the WTO member states in the different parts of the world, with full information about the structure, mandate and institutional framework governing the functioning of such committees.


A tool for assessing the efficiency of corridors and OSBPs in Africa

Since the launch of the MoveAfrica initiative, a project kicked off in 2016 aimed at improving trade across the continent by lowering costs and increasing efficiency of logistics for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) operators and manufacturers operating in Africa, AUDA-NEPAD, the development agency of the African Union responsible for coordinating and executing priority regional and continental development projects to promote regional integration towards the accelerated realisation of Agenda 2063, has been developing a tool called Traffic Light System (TLS) to assess the efficiency of transport and trade corridors and One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) located along such corridors.


From the WCO a data analytics training course to improve Customs risk mapping capabilities

Many customs administrations in the world are embracing data analytical tools and methodologies to improve risk mapping and risk targeting capabilities, better detecting fraud-risky transactions, and enhance their performances in general. Some experiments are being conducted for establishing, within Customs, multidisciplinary teams made up of staff who have computer, statistics, mathematics and social science skills to fully exploit these techniques (read our article on the World Customs Journal).


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