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Desiderio Consultants Ltd. è una think tank ed una rete di consulenti internazionali per lo sviluppo indipendenti costituita per promuovere ed influenzare politiche doganali e commerciali nei Paesi Africani, al fine di raggiungere riforme di facilitazione del commercio che favoriscano la crescita degli scambi commerciali a livello internazionale e regionale
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Tax neutrality critical for the good functioning of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market

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While customs duties on EAC-originating goods have been completely eliminated in intra-EAC trade, unharmonised excise duties levied on the movement of goods and services across the region continue to restrict trade, creating an unlevel playing field between traders and preventing the EAC Partner States from reaching a deeper level of integration. A recent study made by KPMG for the East African Business Council (EABC) takes stock of the discriminative taxes that currently exist in the EAC Partner States, assessing their impact on intra-EAC trade and investment, and trying to draw lessons from the experience of the European Union in harmonizing such a type of taxes.

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AfCFTA: what you need to know

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A new booklet from the Africa Trade Policy Centre of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa gathers a series of frequently asked questions on the main features and objectives the African Continental Free Trade Area, trying to answer them in a language that is accurate but also non-technical and accessible at the same time.

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De-industrialization of Europe vs. Industrialization of Africa: which compromise?

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Our CEO Danilo Desiderio participated to a television program on AL24, in Algeria, on the topic “De-industrialization of Europe vs. Industrialization of Africa: which compromise?”. The footage is available in French here.

AfCFTA and opportunities for the provision of logistics and customs services in Africa

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Available on our blog: AfCFTA and opportunities for the provision of logistics and customs services in Africa.

Namibia to host the Tripartite TRIPS and CMTS systems

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Today (28 February 2023) a celebration was held in Namibia for the official launch of the Transport Register and Information Platform System (TRIPS) and the Corridor Trip Monitoring System (CMTS). Namibia will host the ICT infrastructure and the servers of the two systems, which are currently piloted in four Tripartite member States: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, to be soon joined by Malawi and Mozambique where they are currently being installed.

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