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Desiderio Consultants Ltd. is a think tank and a network of independent professional international development consultants established to promote and influence customs & trade-related policies in African nations to achieve trade facilitation reforms aimed at improving international and regional trade
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On the World Customs Journal:

  • "Data analysis techniques for enhancing the performance of Customs, Volume 13, Number 2, September 2019
  • with F. J. Desiderio, "Thoughts on the 'first sale rule" , Vol 4, number 1, March 2010.

    On MHD Supply Chain Solutions (Intermedia Group, Australia):

    On SSRN, Political Behaviour: Race, Ethnicity & Identity Politics eJournal:

    On "Il Doganalista" (bi-monthly Journal on international trade/customs issues of the Italian Council of Customs Brokers):

    • REX system and self-certification of origin within the EPAs of the EU”, n. 3 (May-June 2023)
    • “AfCFTA and opportunities for logistics companies in Africa”, n. 1 (January-February 2023)
    • "WTO tools for accessing trade statistics and measures", n. 4 (July-August 2022)
    • "Customs shopping and contradictions of the EU Customs Unions", n. 3 (May-June 2022)
    • "Green lanes and delays at borders: the Polish eBT system", n.1 (January-February 2022)
    • “Union Single Window and port shopping in the EU: reality or utopia?”, n. 6 (November-December 2021)
    • “Towards a re-thinking of EU-Africa relations”, n. 5 (September-October 2021)
    • ROSA: Rules of Origin Self-Assessment, one-stop-shop for rules of origin (July-August 2021)
    • Smart borders, n. 3 (May-June 2021)
    • African Union, AfCFTA Agreement", n. 2 (March-April 2021)
    • "The principle of proportionality of customs penalties", n. 6 (Nov.-Dec. 2020)
    • "Global Trade Helpdesk, a multi-language platform for trade information access", n. 5 (September-October 2020)
    • "Royalties and customs value, a clarification from the Supreme Court", n. 4 (July-August 2020)
    • "The trend of One Stop Border Posts in Africa", n. 2-3 (March-April, May-June 2020)
    • "The Customs Academy in the United Kingdom", n. 1 (January-February 2020)
    • "Customs representative, this unknown" and "Customs broker exam in the USA: a test projected for failure", n. 6 (November-December 2019) - download "Customs: targeted action for achieving results", n. 4 (July-August 2019)
    • "Rapid alert systems and enhanced controls in the EU", n. 2 (March-April 2019)
    • "From the Customs Agency, new guidelines on the preferential origin", n. 1 (January-February 2019)
    • "Taxud B2/031/2016: access to the AEO status" and "Trading across borders: the World Bank ranks Italy as the first in the world", n. 4 (July-August 2016)
    • "The reorganisation of customs regimes in the new Union Customs Code" e "WCO study on customs brokers", n. 3 (May-June 2016)
    • "Administrative penalties and customs brokers", n. 1 (January-February 2016)
    • "Trade Facilitation Agreement:the EU ratification", n.6 (November-December 2015)
    • "The concept of 'abuse of right' in the taxpayer's bill of rights (law n. 212/2000)", n. 5, (September-October 2015)
    • "Integrated border management", n. 4, (July-August 2015)
    • "Fast Corridors", n. 3, (May-June 2015)
    • "Standard of competence for customs representatives", n. 2, (March-April 2015)
    • "Local clearance procedure and direct representation", n. 1, (January-February 2015)
    • "Customs management: common rules and global trends", n. 6, (November-December 2014)
    • "Made in: the UE Parliament approves the rules", n. 4 (July-August 2014)
    • "Speeding up customs controls: fast clearance", n. 2, (March-April 2014)
    • "TFA: Trade Facilitation Agreement", n. 1, (January-February 2014)
    • "Japan: import requirements for agro-food products", n. 6 (November-December 2013)
    • "The payment of customs duties via wire transfer becomes a reality", n 5 (September-October 2013)
    • "Made in the world", n. 4 (July - August 2013)
    • "New trends in outsourcing customs services", n. 3 (May-June 2013)
    • "WCO: how to improve customs performances", n. 2 (March-April 2013)
    • "2013 - Doing Business in Italy", n. 6 (November-December 2012)
    • "Article 303 Italian Customs Act and origin of goods", n.5 (September-October)
    • “Recast, consolidation and codification in the EU law”, and “Liberalisation of customs services: choice or opportunity?”, n. 4 (July-August 2012)
    • “Made in” and deceptive marks“, “From the European Parliament a study on the implementation of the New ‘modernized’ customs code”, n. 3 (May-June 2012)
    • "Italian Customs Code, article 303 - new text" and (with M. Giffoni) "The Customs Code becomes the Union Code" n. 2 (March-April 2012) -
    • "Customs regime 42 at risk of VAT evasion", n. 1 (January-February 2012)
    • "Customs brokers USA-EU, same profession, different horizons" and "Customs declarations, doganali, annulment", n. 5 (September-October 2011)
      "Commercial documents and development of traffics flows" , n. 4 (July-August 2011)
    • "Europe says yes to traceability" and (with M. Giffoni) "New comitology rules" , n. 4 (May-June 2011)
    • "Import VAT collection within the centralised clearance scheme" (with M. Giffoni) and "Goods manufactured abroad", n. 2 (March-April 2011)
    • "Europe says yes to treceability" and (with M. Giffoni) "New comitology rules" , n. 3 (May-June 2011)
    • "No-objection Sanitary Certificate and Veterinary Common Entry Document: user's manual" and "New Italian 'made in' regulation on food products on the EU's testing ground", n. 1 (January- February 2011)
    • "Development of logistics and recovery of traffic flows", n. 6 (November- December 2010)
    • "The incertitudes of the 'made in Italy'", n. 5 (September - October 2010)
    • "Barcode technology and customs administrations", n. 4 (July - August 2010)
    • "End-of-life tyres and tyre crumb", n. 3 (May -June 2010)
    • "The thousands faces of the 'Made in Italy'" and (with R. Bergami, "Time Release Studies, the efficiencyof the clearing process" , n. 2 (March - April 2010)
    • "Lisbon Treaty: what are the changes for Customs?", n. 1 (January-February 2010)
    • "Inversion of route in the 'Made in' rules" , n. 6 (November-December 2009)
    • "'Made in Italy' rules frozen", n. 5 (September-October 2009)
    • "New provisions against counterfaiting", n. 4 (July/August 2009)
    • (with M. Giffoni), "Dichiarazioni in materia di transito e di esportazioni" e "14° Forum UN/CEFACT", n. 3 (May-June 2009)
    • "Ravvedimento operoso, aboliti alcuni adempimenti tributari", n. 2 (May/April 2009)
    • "Certificati di origine preferenziali, a chi l'onere della prova?"; "Interpello Doganale" e (with M. Giffoni) "Modifiche al regime di transito", n. 1 (January/February 2009)
    • "Autovalutazione dei dazi nel nuovo codice doganale", n. 12 (November/Decembre 2008)
    • "Made in", n. 11 (September/October 2008)
    • "La nuova regola americana del 10+2", n. 10 (July/August 2008)
    • "Zone franche e territori extra-doganali", n. 9 (May/June 2008)
    • (con F. Silanos) "Facilitazioni commerciali: uno strumento per lo sviluppo del commercio internazionale", n. 8 (March/April 2008)
    • "Gli strumenti di  collaborazione internazionale in campo doganale", n. 2 (January/February 2008)
    • "L’origine ai fini doganali e commerciali", n. 5 (September/October 2007)
    • "I concetti di sportello unico ed interfaccia unica nel quadro della nuova strategia delle dogane elettroniche", n. 4 (July/August 2007)
    • "Il Dumping e gli strumenti della politica commerciale comune europea", n. 1 (January/February 2007)
    • "Nomenclature e Tariffe doganali a confronto", n. 6 (November/December 2006)
    • "L’evoluzione dei controlli doganali: gestione dei rischi e controlli a posteriori", n. 5 (September/October 2006)
    • "Contingenti Tariffari e loro metodi di gestione", n. 4 (July/August 2006)
    • "Clausole di spesa nel contratto di trasporto marittimo", n. 2 (March/April 2006)
    • "Container Security Iniziative: strategie di sicurezza USA ed UE a confronto", n. 1 (January/February 2006)
    • "L’accordo di consignment stock internazionale", n. 5 (September/October 2005)
    • "Tutela della proprietà intellettuale in Italia ed in Cina", n. 4 (July/August 2005)
    • "Spedizionieri doganali e nuova legge sulla privacy", n. 3 (May/June 2005)
    • "Analisi dei rischi in dogana: il modello dello Stairway svedese", e "I meccanismi di risoluzione delle controversie internazionali", n. 2 (March/April 2005)
    • "Il contratto di logistica", n. 6, (November/December 2004)
    • "Sostegno pubblico all’internazionalizzazione", n. 5 (September/October 2004)
    • "Joint Venture, una strategia vincente", n. 4 (July/August 2004)
    • "La professione di doganalista nel mondo", n. 3 (May/June 2004)

    On "Diritto 24" of "Il Sole 24 Ore":

    On "Nova Itinera" (forensic journal):

    On "Sistemi di Logistica":


    On the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Newsletter:

    • D. Desiderio, Frank J. Desiderio: "Italy Adopts New Legislation to Protect Italian Trademarks and “Made in Italy” Marking", 9 September 2009

    On "Trade with Italy" (Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Journal):


    On "The Journal of Customs and Trade", Korea Research Society for Customs, Republic of Korea:


    On "Taxation and Customs law Monitor" (Monitor Prawa Celnego i Podatkowego) - Journal Specialized in Tax and Customs law, edited in Warsaw (PL)

    On Medium (

    On On

    • La strategia UE per l’allargamento: i Programmi di Twinning
    • Il ruolo della Islamic law
    • Le Joint Ventures
    • La crescita del regionalismo in ambito Mediterraneo
    • Riforma del sistema pubblico di sostegno all’internazionalizzazione


    • Il riconoscimento delle sentenze italiane all’estero
    • Il ruolo delle Regioni nel processo di internazionalizzazione del sistema produttivo italiano

    On :

    • Sistemi giuridici di common, civil ed islamic law a confronto
    • Evoluzione del diritto consuetudinario in Africa e sistema dualistico di giustizia
    • Le tecniche di redazione del contratto internazionale nei grandi sistemi giuridici
    • Finanza e fisco negli ordinamenti islamici
    • I concetti di soft law e lex mercatoria nel diritto del commercio internazionale

    On Altalex:

    Interviews/they talk about us:

    Africa, the dual competition between Pechino and Dubai for the ports in the continent, interview for Il Sole 24 Ore, 11 aprile 2023

  • Lubumbashi : des agents de la DGDA formés sur les innovations de la ZLECAF pour l'amélioration du climat des affaires, 12 mars 2023
  • DGDA, le prochain round prévu du 06 au 10 mars prochain à Lumumbashi de la formation des formateurs, Africanews, 27 February 2023
  • New exporter-based certification to ease exports of Seychelles products to EU, Seychelles Nation, 9 February 2023
  • Customs: Seychelles to introduce REX for exports to EU in July, Seychelles News Agency, 7 February 2023
  • South Sudan set to be integrated into the Horn of Africa Initiative, Burundi Times, September 10, 2022
  • Training sessions to raise awareness on the benefits of the EPA are being conducted, March 2022
  • LAPSSET key in Africa's integration agenda, March 2022
  • Customs Data Analysis, Creamer Media's Engineering News, September 2021
  • Kenya, love at first sight, Irpinitaly, December 2019
  • East Africa Community: the new economic engine of Africa (L'Indro)
  • Dual Customs, interview with Danilo Desiderio, by Ornella Rota (Culturalismi)
  • European customs representatives: professionals at the service of international trade flows, Porto & Diporto, October 2015
  • Technical workshop on the Ukranian market, CasertaNews, 27 May 2008
  • Italian businessmen interested in making "Made in Italy island" in Ukraine, 26.06.2008 (Ukraine government web portal)

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